Saturday, February 2, 2008

इ ऍम

I am apologizing for my visitors for not updating the blog. I will not be able to update it before 15 / 2/2008 for certain reasons.

Thanks hoping to come again later

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Children Around the World !!!!

These are beautiful Children ....Are not they ??
Innocent faces, happy eyes looking for the future
Playing, having fun, felling others life with joy
Cradled them

What about these ones.. Are not they also children and want to live the same life .....Don't they have the rights ?!!

These are the children of Somali, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq

Don't they have the right to have a dream to look for the future with hope. Instead, they are abused, tortured, terrified, violated and murdered by the most violating tools
This is a shot of an American online community that work to satisfy luxury life for their children...What about those children..!!!?

This is the slogan they use for their webpage to make viewer donate for better life for USA children

Take a further look at these two photos for two children in the arms of their Mother and Father.....Could you spot out the difference ??!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Contrast

Shades of grey wherever I go

The more I find out the less that I know

Black and white is how it should be

But shades of grey are the colors I see.

There is many banquettes, food festivals and fun
Competitions for building huge burgers and towers of food, in many cities around the world
These are some of the available photos

On the other side of th picture we find the contrast view

In Palestine, the impact of the Israeli occupation and embargo has created a hunger crisis of unprecedented proportions. Unemployment is now approaching a record level of 40%, and 75% of the households in Gaza are living in poverty. Israeli prevent the drugs and Aids from International Communities.

The simplest form of hospital Instruments are not available for saving people
These Hospitals Changes from being a place of treating to a deathbeds.

In Somalia. The situation is horrible. Even the people that don't have a religious or don't believe in God can feel it

Many of those seeking safety in Jordan from Iraq are particularly poor and vulnerable: they are denied residence or the right to work, and their access to services, like education and health care, is disrupted.

Many poor families' have no proper access to clean water or proper disposal for their waste over the world specially in the third world countries and raped lands.

The choice in politics isn't usually between black and white. It's between two horrible shades of gray.

Human Rights vs Animal Rights

The following photos are for brutal actions toward animals. It is awful isn't it.....??!!!

These must put to an end isn't it.!!!!?
What about the following Photos...!!!

Chemicals and oils on the body of Iraqi civilian in Abu Ghraib prison by USA soldiers
Wired Iraqi civilian in AbouGrieb prison by USA soldiers
Sodomized Iraqi men by the hand of American soldiers (the intruders of Iraq)
Raped girl in Iraq by American Soldiers
Raped girl in Iraq by American Soldiers

A Palestine girl after a brutal attack on her by Israeli Soldiers
Israeli soldier tortorring a rock-throwing kid in Palestine
A child in Palestine shotted by Israeli soldiers
Striping and getting a women naked infront of people by Israeli soldiers in Palestine Raping a women by a number of American Soldiers in Iraq

What do U think of these people, what do think for the victims that all they have dignity and are saying No in the face of intruders

Same persons that stand with animal rights ......did what you just reviewed.
On an online news of Israel exclaims that someone must stop the brutal actions toward animals. They post the following photo
(Donkey used in Hamas terror attack)

This is a screen shot for the Israel online news

They state that how prophet Mohamed (prophet of Islamic religion) forbid animal abuse while Hamas "the Islamic gunmen defending Palestine" used this donkey in their terrorist action, in this inhuman way.!!!

Of course what Israeli did, from abuse, rape, torture, killing and complete damage of Palestinians villages are not against human rights, and don't count...????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Israeli vs Palestinian

In every place, in every town, in very street in Jenin, Quds, Al Khadir, any one can view these pictures, that no one can imagine their brutal scenes and crime against humanity.
Israeli exclaims that this is their own rights to keep peaceful life. !!! They say that gunmen and thrown-rock kids are terrorists, using harassing weapons and causes headache in the brain of the world.

See how they manage using aspirine for their headache

After you see this life what do you expect from rational people around the world and these civilians response toward their life, honor and rights